features a number of characters with no spectacular biography and lazy above, who motivate their existence only through their name. rarely one of these characters undertakes anything and then the importance of the action can be ignored without any fear. is a work in progress developed on a given equation that will have 0, -1 or 1 as a result. the reVoltaire files are perceived as elements of the equation. seen as a timeline, the equation is not complete so far. for this reason parts of the archive can be accessed ofline or online as independent works. if x = 0, any affirmation loses its sense. zero is the golden number of hypermedia works. if x = -1, singularities and limits are abandoned and one can speak of the imaginary time where everything is possible. if x = 1, a numeric object is shown, as an effect of organizing, tuning or intentionally covering a sonorous or graphic space. this object, with no precise meaning, is named krestanatz. calin man
Media Art Festival Arad /// R.A.M. /// Random Access Memory /// “any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes” Organized by: Arad City Hall. Partenering institutions:Muzeul de Arta Arad, kinema ikon, : B A R I L /// 17 October - 30 November 2014 Key words: photography, post-photography, imaging, visualization, modelling, transmission, transfer, mediation, construction, mutability, alterity, hybrid, genre, taxonomy, morphology, genetics, algorithm, code, index, library, archive, database, interactive data, big data, mining, #selfie, gender, subjectivity, sensation, sight, touch,  desire, organic, artificial, uncanny valley, surveillance, geography, topography, landscape, observation, forensics, truth, realism, simulation, legality, dronestagram, cyberstalking, interconnectedness, society, commons, public, collective, critical mass, habitation, co-habitation, biophilia, metabolism, ecology, Anthropocene, scripting, shooting, hacking, waking, sleeping, tech, spectacle, newness, innovation, authorship, ownership, overuse, underuse, narrative, stream, consciousness, string, theory, memory, lens, frame, digital native. Curators: Calin Man, Ileana Selejan
reVoltaire: Fifty Mississippi
is the pilot for the first season of
kinema ikon: serial
at the art museum arad
reVoltaire at Venietzsche [surveillance cameras remix]

5 ready media files by Vasile Cârlova based on unused soundtrack by Rodion GA and rare footage by reVoltaire and Zsiga Ioan. curator: Stefan Tiron. track list: 1_fragment1. Marșul oștirei române / 2_planta mâncătoare de oameni + happy arrival. Înserarea / 3_tema personaje. Ruinurile Târgoviștii / 4_fragment2 plecare navă + atmosfera + alarmă și naufragiu. Rugăciune / 5_kapet. Păstorul întristat. Vasile Carlova 1809 - 1831 - romanian poet and pifan. Rodion SA - experimental new wave band (early 80's). Zsiga Ioan - amateur filmmaker from Sanicolaul Mic (late 60's). Stefan Tiron - information trafiquant (nowadays, before and after). Mikalaka Aesotheric and Second Administration - part of Esoth Eric (since 2000). the term ready media was coined by reVoltaire / kinema ikon (1995)

Rethinking Curatorial Options, Globally / from Happening mise-en-Seine to Wunderkammer & Other Apparatus by calin man / an intervention on -empyre- new media listserv / / Managing Co-Moderators: Renate Ferro and Tim Murray, -empyre- a soft-skinned-space / Department of Art/ Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art Cornell University
My Avatar is Your Avatar MyAvatarYourAvatar Khalim is another krestanatz from reVoltaire archive. because i am too lazy to do something reasonable with this nonWalter Ego character, i invite you to take My Avatar and do whatever you want with him. for instance, choose some peculiar Second Life spot, take a snapshot and send the picture with your comments to the following address: from now My Avatar is Your Avatar. / SL account: First Name: MyAvatarYourAvatar / Last Name: Khalim / Password: revoltaire /facebook
Have A Nice Click kapet* the glory days of are gone and i forgot to move on. the "have a nice click" project is a good reason to step forward / to get out of here / to leave internet via facebook. *kapet means the end. brb
Esoth Eric [v.7] the project has been developed on the same given equation that has 1, 0 or -1 as a result. applied to the life and work of an imaginary character from reVoltaire archive, the equation develops and reveals a new work.
The Golden Virus & Other Web Site Stories the main story contains 8 screens: Aradin Eclipsovici meets The Golden Virus [un virus c‚lin which instead of causing digital damage, grants the user three wishes]. from the main story another 9 stories in html format are accessed.

Aradin Eclipsovici “a place, a certain day & one accomplished deed” Boileau - l’Art Poétique. 11 august 1999, 11:32:09 hours, Aradin Eclipsovici, divist, is carrying out his daily routine in the olimpik pool from Micalaca.

PataPhisika du Fish in the year 1750, because of the floods and the building of the new fortress, Maria Theresa decided to relocate Arad.

mugs a project designed for Experimental Shared Work hosted by FILE Sao Paulo

The Last Man Standing Tim Hallwood, spokesman for the Catholic Press Office, declared that, finally, the net will have a patron.

Locomotion Pictures "That what moves doesn't move wether in the place it is nor in the place it isn't." Zeno of Elea. "No matter how fast you are, someone is always faster." Billy the Kid. 

K.A.F.K.A. [Kinetic Area For Kitchen Art]

@ vol d’oiseau from reVoltaire archive, Esoth Eric jams a photo shot in arad_ transylvania, before it is send to new york @ vol d’oiseau.
Your Latest Track project designed as a sound player _ different sounds are mixed by the user _ the result is a random track _ "stretch an error file and save it in the wax apparatus as random drama for your latest track".
f1v3_5t3p5 five steps to cross the street in javascript town: step 1. type a password to begin. step 2. shake the window. step 3. jump in the middle of the street. step 4. visit reVoltaire and choose a color. step 5. find out the time spent on step 1.
appendXship achtung user! you are interacting with two characters of a pointless web site story.
</dig%it> digital items of reVoltaire archive elapsed in a pataHTTPhysical digest.
jam pack reVoltaire archive | net.art_kit [hosted at] is remixed by the author in order to create a random browser called jam pack.
img src="../images/ __._" start menu properties: 1. run for redundant icons: img src with a pseudoHTML editor. 2. active windows desktop: the shortcut is the message. 3. help: customize your computer in a pataphysical way. 4. exit / restart.
K_attacK a digital object is animated in order to create a broken film.
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